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Van Hydraulics – Case Study

  Rural Small Business Enjoys Benefits of Modern Tech Thanks to VanBelkum The Client Van Hydraulics is a regional hydraulic and pneumatic repair facility located in Conklin, MI. They have more than 200 years of experience repairing industrial and mobile hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, custom machine design and construction, specialty machining and fabrication, preventive maintenance programs, and customer service. The owner of...

The Network Maintenance Equation: How to Keep your Systems Running Smoothly

    Technology, especially when it’s something new, can be daunting. From technical jargon to unexplained acronyms, at times it can be downright frustrating to keep your systems running smoothly. We’ve all purchased something that seemed like it would function beautifully, but then for one reason or another, it would not connect to Wi-Fi, could not stay connected, and just did not work the way it should. Or perhaps that...

4 Systems Your Small Business Spends Too Much Money On

  Since we first started 1959, we’ve been huge supporters of our local West Michigan community.  With over 60 years of experience in providing professional services like phone, video, cloud computing, internet, and networking systems, we’ve been around the block a few times and know that every dollar counts – especially when it comes to the foundational systems that keep your company running smoothly. When working with local...

Welcome to VanBelkum Services

  Having been in the voice business since 1959 there are some questions that we have heard many times…   Do I need new phones, or do I even need a phone?Do I go cloud or premise?Is it secure?Is my network good enough?Isn’t voice all the same? While we are always happy to answer these questions, the purpose of this blog is to share some of the other exciting things that we are working on. Things like: